No Thanks For Your Service

To all the soldiers and policemen, to all politicians and government employees around the world, consider this a big no thanks for your service.  Your paychecks all come from money stolen by force from your hard-working fellow countrymen and women!  Your employer – your national government – is 100% funded by tax money, taxes which your populations are forced to pay under threat of kidnapping, imprisonment, and often murder.  To be employed by an immoral and criminal organization, like a Statist government, is immoral and criminal.  To receive stolen money and call it your salary, is immoral and criminal.  I implore all government workers to leave your jobs and pursue an occupation with real integrity.  Find a way to earn money without stealing from everyone!  Get a job where customers pay you voluntarily.  I know it’s not as easy as just forcing people to pay your salaries, but it is the moral thing to do.


And to everyone else, let your soldiers, police, and politicians know, no thanks for your service, and no we don’t support the troops!  We don’t support any occupation built on stolen money, much less an occupation built on the blood of millions of innocents.  We send young men and women off to kill and be killed, maim and be maimed, all for the propagation of corporate imperialism and Statist hegemony.  Then if and when they ever come home, demoralized and depressed, ridden with regret and post-traumatic stress, we herald them as heroes.  But the truth is every time a soldier leaves his home country, he becomes a terrorist.  If you’re interested in defending your country and protecting your family for free, join a local militia.  If you’re interested in leaving your country to attack other people’s families for money, join the national military.  The former is respectable, the latter is irreputable.

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