4 Replies to “200 Bewijzen dat de Aarde Geen Tollende Bal is (Dutch)”

  1. hello, Mr Dubay. I am very intreged by this statement that the world is not round. Although a lot of the arguments make sense, I calculated your distances. The problem with those was that I didn’t get the amount higher than 40 000 km when calculating starting from melbourne to Wellington. Nor did I get a difference making the calculations between 2 places in the north compared to two places in the south on the same latitude f.i. 33° north or south. Both calculations gave me around 31 000 km circumference. It should be different if the earth is flat. making the calculations with to cities not in the same latitude is not correct in my view, since you go ‘down’ or ‘up’ and this distance is also taken in your calculations. I used this website to get a distance in a straight line. https://nl.distance.to/Sidney-Opera-House,Sydney,New-South-Wales,2000,AUS/Wellington,NZL

    sincerely yours


  2. Eric, I am glad with the .pdf file in Dutch. It makes it easier to convince Dutch people that we have a flat earth. I was happy with your video presentation in English as well. Thank you very much.

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