One Reply to “200 Pruebas de que la Tierra No es una Pelota que da Vueltas (Spanish)”

  1. Question.
    If the sun goes “down” and it realy go away….can we zoom the sun back with a p900?
    How you explain the blood moon?
    If the sun make the light how ever.If we go to Antarktis…an go deeper, it must be darker and darker and went to the darkest night ever? Because we leave the light zone from.sun?
    If we block the north side from compas the needle do what?
    Is a dome that what called van ellen belt?
    Whats reason..”scientists”in past destroy the flat earth with the globe story?
    What does nasa with this giant budget wen simple cgi cost in contrast nothing.
    You think they investigate there own…ore they let it how it is?
    How can a person like things he does.such far away…from the human knowlege in this time? He must have a whistleblower from werever are?
    Why the moon and the sun are round.So people think its logic earth is too.If you think tnot outside the box.

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