Flat Earth Disinformation Agents

In the past 4 years, the term “Flat Earth” has shown a drastic exponential growth in Google trends, going from a mere few thousand results to tens of millions currently. The following presentation explores the reasons behind this sudden explosion beginning in late 2014, and the various figure-heads online who compose this blossoming Flat Earth community.

3 Replies to “Flat Earth Disinformation Agents”

  1. Rockerfeller/Windsor/Papal pervert families control media, publishing, military, medicine, government and families with misinformation. The 5000 year lie,the reason Rothschilds attacked German Freemasons as they did not follow NWO.The english cult ordered all of this with there mates running the scam now. Bill gates is a 4th cousin to Queen via maternal granny side.
    Thx for good real evidence, using your own senses but Hitler was produced as a result his young maid mother worked for them. They murdered good people in work camps run by american man….Smedley Butler Wrote a book in 1935- War is a Racket….still running the roman war game, your right all a con, education.

  2. Eric, you opened my eyes about 3 years ago, thank you man! I’d love to sit and have a beer with you. You are amazing and these shills aint fooling anyone. i researched 9/11, moon landings, covid etc, even Hitler, I thought he was a demon until i was awakened. Thank you for all you do man! The jews are the problem, you are right and not afraid to say it,!

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