The Best Flat Earth Documentary


The following 6-hour documentary is currently the most complete and comprehensive presentation of the Flat Earth truth available to date. Narrated by Eric Dubay, this videobook covers the majority of his best-selling “The Flat Earth Conspiracy,” book and is guaranteed to awaken even the sleepiest sheeple to the global deception. Please like, subscribe, comment and share to help get this most important documentary out to the masses!

5 Replies to “The Best Flat Earth Documentary”

  1. Omg bro I just had a staff luncheon with all my IT guys and their wives…kids etc…Flat earth came up because they asked why I was looking so good and seemed so peaceful….I told them it was nice to be awake and have my eyes open…one of the guys asked as a joke,if it was because I had joined the “flat earth club” as a joke….it was on after I replied yes!!!!!1.5 hrs later there is me against 10 Brainwashed IT guys preaching “facts” from Einstein….and how he single handedly changed the world for the better and And how amazing of a game changer Copernicus was and, and and,and…I kept it light tried the best I could after learning everything I live and can feel….but let’s just say I need you at the next staff outing…you would have been proud…but it would have been nice to have you there…
    You are very appreciated bro..💚

  2. Eric, do you have this video backed up on another platform like Bitchute? I didn’t see it there, but I could have missed it.

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