Schools, Prisons, Libraries and Bookstores

Since I was 5 years old I began writing short stories and told my parents that I wanted to be an author when I grew up. Fast-forward and my 37th birthday next week will mark 11 years since the publishing of my first books Asbestos Head and The Atlantean Conspiracy. At the time I sent the manuscripts to over 200 literary agents and publishers hoping to get wide distribution through an established company. Due to the sensitive subject matter, however, not a single agent or publisher was willing to take them on. My only available option left was self-publishing and independent distribution. In order to get them known and read, I offered online versions completely free and have since self-published 4 more books. My most recent, the first ever illustrated flat Earth children’s book, “The Earth Plane,” has been translated to 10 languages, and my most-popular “200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball” translated into a whopping 25 languages all for free by dedicated, generous bilingual activists looking to get them into as many hands as possible.


The difficulty with self-publishing and independent distribution, however, is that established channels with in-routes to bookstores, schools and libraries have almost no way of knowing about your books. As a result, even though my PDFs have now been downloaded and read by millions of people, physical copies have not received such a warm welcome, and have yet to make it into bookstores, schools and libraries where they could do the most benefit. I recently thought, as a personal favor to me, for my birthday this year, from anyone who is willing and able, there is nothing I would wish more than for your help getting my books into bookstores, schools and libraries around the world. Alone it would be a pipe-dream, but with just a few minutes of your time, my wish could very easily come true.


What I’m asking of everyone is simply this: The next time you visit your local big chain or independent bookstore, your community library, or nearby school, university or prison library, recommend and request that they carry Eric Dubay’s books. They can all be found on both Amazon and Lulu, and most bookstores and libraries will be able to carry them on special request. Some stores will order them just on recommendation, while others will require you to purchase a copy through them; likewise some libraries will order just based on suggestion, and others will only carry them if you donate copies. I have personally bought copies of my books to give to community libraries in Maine, USA where I’m from, and heard many inspiring life-changing stories of inmates who read copies of my books donated to prison libraries. If you could buy and donate, or at least make a special request to your local bookstores and libraries to carry my books, I would really appreciate it.


Big publishing companies with wide distribution networks simply won’t touch the controversial, paradigm-shifting material covered in my books, and so the only way to actually get them into the hands of the minds that most need them the most, is to independently approach them and get them there ourselves. Thank you so much to anyone who can help make this happen and to everyone who has shown their support.


5 Replies to “Schools, Prisons, Libraries and Bookstores”

  1. If you are wondering why you have so few followers, when you are such an interesting person, it is because people like myself continuously find their interactions on WordPress reversed, such as liking posts, commenting and following, especially whence on politically sensitive subjects. I actually purchased your book ‘The Earth Plane’ and do also intend to buy ‘The Flat Earth Conspiracy’, eventually. Best regards and God bless mate.

  2. Eric you and Matthew really changed my life, I appreciate you and the inspiration you’ve given me. Only you can verbally describe with your verbal gymnastics. Before 2001 I could care less of where I lived on never. I had no worries but now like you I’m on a mission. I’m taking a leap of faith and creating a domine name and I want to follow my dreams of being the artist I always was. You have profoundly change my life. The talmudic pedophiles are driving me to save my family’s life my whole family. I will fail but I will try. Well I just want to thank you.I do want to get your books and I’m just writing this to show my appreciation to you. Thank you very much and God lives in you and all of us just like you said so eloquently. I made my own children’s book’s in my youth but my grammar stinks. I’ve always been a deep thinker and I was able to understand you very well.

  3. Eric,
    Thank you for all of the work you do. I continually find you the most reliable source of information on the topics important to me and my family.
    I was unaware you had a children’s book until I read this post. I came to your site today specifically looking for help as I plan our homeschool year. We live in upstate NY, which has some of the strictest laws for homeschoolers. This year’s science subjects are Earth Science and Astronomy. I feel pressure to teach my 6 yr old daughter mainstream astronomy so that when she starts mandatory testing in 4th grade she will have the “right” answers. Of course she already knows the Earth is flat. She points out chem trails to me. She calls globe images on TV “propaganda”. She is my child. When we studied ancient history last year, there were some things I didn’t quite know how to teach, especially when we came to the pyramids. Luckily, you had a few videos out this spring that helped clear things up for me and for her.
    This is getting long. If you read this and perhaps have time to discuss the topic of how to bring up children in this weird dualism of truth and fiction, please reach out via email. I would really appreciate it!

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