One Reply to “200 ማስረጃዎች ምድር የምትሽከረከር ኳስ እንዳልሆነች (Ethiopian)”

  1. Hey Eric, I have had your website all over the truck and been putting it in super high traffic areas for years but especially the last month and a half, seems like the average number of daily hits on the website has been increasing which makes me happy. The truck simply says
    200 Proofs and My only concern is that the English version is at the bottom of the list on your site and I dont want people here in N Texas to miss it and give up. Ideally, the english version would be the most obvious part of the website. No sweat if you keep it the same but youtube makes it hard enough to find the video; and while street activism like william and natalie and sometimes del are excellent, my passive approach using the vehicles gets seen 10’s of thousands of times per day and is statistically sound marketing. Hope you are well, we are winning, love you man.

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