How Everything Works on Flat Earth

Flat Earth has long been touted as the mother of all conspiracy theories, marginalized, suppressed and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant ancient unscientific worldview, but the facts of the matter are far from what you have been told. “How Everything Works on Flat Earth,” elucidates exactly how the geocentric stationary plane model works and why the heliocentric spinning ball-Earth model is actually nothing but a pseudo-scientific deception.

“How Everything Works on Flat Earth” is also available on DVD here:
200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball DVD:
The History of Flat Earth DVD:
The Earth Plane DVD:
Evolution and Dinosaurs Debunked DVD:

9 Replies to “How Everything Works on Flat Earth”

  1. I see you been studying up on the sky and how it looks from different point on earth, it’s really good and it helps me to understand it better, thanks,
    You should be a good teacher of astrology in the millennium when schools will teach truth.
    Are you still in BKK, I have big part of my kids there, next time I go there I love to meet you.

  2. Hi Eric, I recently started researching the flat earth and I keep hearing about the reasons why the earth is flat but not much information as to what is the significance of it being flat? For instance, I hear the world is a stage and we are just playing our parts, is that why? It seems to be a spiritual reason why it is flat. Can you suggest a particular video of yours that answers those questions of why the earth is flat and what it means to us? Thank you for all of this knowledge you are passing on😊

    1. Hebrew cosmology in the Holy Bible describes the earth as a stationary plane, the luminaries going around above us in the firmament. Eric Dubay isn’t a believer in the the Holy Bible, but ironically it was him convincing me the earth wasn’t a spinning ball that led me to the Holy Bible, and the gospel truth, but Eric doesn’t believe Yeshua existed. He is more into new age type spirituality, much of which seems healthy, but beware satan who uses seemingly good things to lead us into sin.

  3. Hello Eric,
    I have studied much of your work and share many points of view.The one thing that troubles me about the flat earth is how do you explain the large difference between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn?How could the sun travel both tropics in a days time?

  4. I am a marine engineer of 35 years and a private pilot. I need no convincing that our earth is level and indeed a divine creation as is all of humanity. We will never have a full understanding as to how everything works until there’s an independent exploration of the real magnetic North Pole and Southern Ice Wall. The one thing that I struggle to answer is why do low pressure weather systems rotate anti clockwise north of the equator yet clockwise south of the equator?

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