Flatlantis is an exploration into the history of Flat Earth, the mythology of Atlantis, and the mystery of Mount Meru, the alleged magnetic mountain ancient cultures worldwide believed existed at the North Pole. Beginning with a complete history of the geocentric flat Earth cosmology and subsequent gradual adoption of the heliocentric globe Earth model, Flatlantis then delves into ancient polar mythologies, early polar history/cartography, modern polar expeditions, and the myriad problems with claims made by Cook, Peary, Byrd, Scott, Amundsen, and other explorers. Finally, in a metaphysical twist, the book ends with research into Freemasonry, Christian esotericism, the Atlantean legend, Kundalini Yoga, ancient advanced civilizations and how they are all intimately connected to the North Pole.

If you can, please help support my work by purchasing and giving out copies of Flatlantis and my other books to anyone you know who is willing to read them. All 7 of my books are available direct from the publisher Lulu here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ericdubay

5 Replies to “Flatlantis”

  1. Have you done any head to head debates with globe believers/physicists/astronomers like Allegedly Dave, and WaykiWayki guys did? I’d like to see such video/audio?

  2. It took a while to get through it: seriously, (all powerful things do No matter how big) but I certainly enjoyed it. A beautiful compilation of past work and broader understanding: literally The work to date Eric‘s Magnus opus! absolutely delightful/Beautiful.

  3. Good day Sir

    Flatantis is so wonderfull, do you sell it on a printed format?

    Also, do you have any literature in french?

    Thank you

    from Ghislain Fortin of Saguenay Québec.

    Envoyé avec la messagerie sécurisée [ProtonMail](https://protonmail.com/).

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